FAQs: Virtual Assistant Services

I have a few hours of work. Is it possible to hire?

Yes, we provide services on an hourly basis.

I need a dedicated professional to work. I want to hire a full-time professional.

Yes, you can hire a full-time working professional.

I need a team with diversified skills. Can I hire a team?

Yes, you can hire a Team with a mixed skill-set. We have a different price slab for each skill.

I want to review resumes and conduct interviews before hiring a candidate. Will you allow me to scan your candidate?

We don’t have any issue if you want to interview our candidates before hiring. This is even going to build more trust in our working relationship.

Do you work from homes like a freelancer or a Team of Freelancers?

No, we have a separate workplace with a good IT Infrastructure. We do follow work ethics very strictly.

How can I be sure that I am hiring the right candidate?

We hire candidates after interviewing them in a hierarchy. Our candidates go through technical and HR interview before we employ them on any project. You may also review resumes and interview our candidates to get assurance.

How can I end a job contract with Invincible Virtual Services?

You may end a job contract immediately if the job is hourly based. However, if you have hired a full time dedicated professional, you need to give a 15 days notice before terminating a job.

I want to hire a big Team. Do you have such an infrastructure?

We are capable of providing a team of 4-5 at once. However, if you need a bigger Team, we may interview and hire more candidates for you.

What price slab do you have for different skills?

Please check our Price Slab page here. To get a clear view of our cost. We assure you that you won’t get a better offer.

Do you take a project cost in advance?

We charge cost from you according to the project cost. For,
Project<$500, we charge 50% in advance.
Project>$500 and Project<$1000, we charge 30% in advance.
Project>$1000, we charge 25% in advance.

What’s the general working experience of your candidates?

We hire candidates in a range of 4-10 years of experience. We don’t have any candidate with less than 3 years of working experience.

How can I pay for your company?

We take payments through Wire transfer, however, clients may also pay using Master Card or Visa.

How can I communicate with the selected candidates?

Our clients generally communicate using Skype, google hang out. Our candidates are good enough to communicate on chat and voice calls.

Can I hire an employee to work in my Timezone?

Our working shift is in Indian Standard Time and also in an Overlapping Time with other Timezones. However, some candidates from our sales team are always available to interact 24/7.


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